How Betting and Paylines Work In Online Slots

A guide of how to bet in mobile slots. We’ll also run through how paylines work and how that affects your betting.
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Slots mentioned in this tutorial and reviews where available:
Lucky Angler by Netent
Quest For Fire by mFortune:
Koi Princess by Netent:
Buster Safe by mFortune:
Gorillas Go Wild by NextGen
King of Slots by Netent:

Betting and Paylines are the most important parts that make up an online slot. Money is an important aspect to why people gamble, so if you can’t understand the money side of the slot, then you can’t get to grips with slots at all.

Betting and paylines are very closely related, but many slots do a bad job of actually explaining how this works. In this episode we go into how you can bet in video slots, and how the paylines will affect the amount you bet.

Slots will have varying numbers of paylines, which could range from 1, like the old retro slots and fruit machines had; increasing to hundreds of paylines.

Mnay people believe that the amoutn you bet is included as your winnings for the whole slot. This can cause issues as people believe that by winning, they are actually winning more than they are. This can cause people to lose a lot of money. Your bet is actually spread across multiple paylines, so even if you bet 10p, if there are 10 paylines active, you only actually are betting 1p on every payline.

So you may believe you are winning on 10p when you get a line, but in fact, you are only winning on a single penny.

We aim to correct any misunderstandings about this and hopefully get any new players who are interested in playing slots, up to date about how they work. We can’t tell you how to win, but hopefully, we can give you everything to know, so that the confusion that paylines and betting can bring, won’t be an issue when you start to place your bets.

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